Waitlist and Registration

Update: As of April 2024, there are over 360 families on our waitlist. Most families are waiting over three years for a space at Discovery Kids Daycare. Many will not get a space at all.

Please read our waitlist policy below. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, send an email to discoverykids@telus.net. Please include your name, your child’s name and their date of birth.

Discovery Kids Childcare does it’s best to create and maintain a waitlist that is fair and transparent. Please read the following policy on how the waitlist works and the recommendations for securing a space at Discovery Kids. 

Any request to be put onto the waitlist is granted in a first come first serve basis. At the time of request, the following information is required:

  • Name and contact information of family/guardian
  • Preferred date to start care
  • Child’s name and birthdate or expected date of birth

There is no fee associated with being placed on the waitlist.

Discovery Kids does not refuse care to anyone based on race, gender, economic status or ability.

When a space becomes available it is offered in the following order, subject to the needs of the centre and classrooms:

  • A child currently enrolled in the program
  • A sibling to a currently or previously enrolled child in each program 
  • A child in relationship with the Ministry of Children and Families
  • The child of a staff member
  • Children on the waitlist in order of request made

We require that contact is made via email every six months in order to remain on the waitlist. If we have not received an update within six months, we will assume that care is no longer needed and you will lose your position on the waitlist.

The wait for childcare is stressful and full of uncertainty. Some tips to speed along the process are as such:

  • Get on the waitlist as soon as possible (during pregnancy is appropriate)
  • Be as flexible as possible with days required
  • Adjust your expected start time
  • Take one day a week to start, other days will be offered as they become available
  • Be persistent, emailing often is not a bad thing.
  • Put your name on multiple waitlists, but be sure to visit each center and check for quality
  • Stay positive

Thank you for all the patience required in your search for childcare. We will do our best to accommodate your families need for childcare.

Take Action

We acknowledge how difficult it is for families to find a licensed child care space for their child. While we – as a single organization – are unable to guarantee a space for all who need it, the BC government has committed to do just that. We want to give you an opportunity to call on government to fast-track their child care explansion plans.

The $10aDay Campaign helped launch the plan for high-quality, inclusive $10aDay child care here in BC and across Canada. They are also advocating to speed up child care expansion and ensure qualified educators receive fair compensation.

If you’d like to support their work please consider signing the $10aDay petition, or visit their website for more information.